Windy Wyoming

So you know you live in a windy area when:

1. There’s no water in the toilet bowl.

2. NOAA Weather Radio asks weather watchers to only report gusts or sustained winds of over 50 mph.

3. You can’t get you car door open when you’re parked facing into the wind.

4. Or, if the car is facing away from the wind, your door flies out of your grip and smashes into the car next to you.  Or,it swings so far forward it breaks the hinges.

5. Your insurance company refuses to pay for a new roof citing “persistent wind damage” as opposed to a one time event.

6.You can grow plants on your windowsills.

7.You literally get pushed off your feet with particularly strong gusts.

8. Your father constantly tells you his favorite joke, “You hear that everyone in Wyoming fell over the other day?  The wind stopped blowing!”

An overcast and windy day in the Cowboy State.

An overcast and windy day in the Cowboy State.

If you didn’t see my earlier post on wind, here it is.  Check out the nation-wide wind map. I love following it each day.


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