Uninvited Guest

I have an intruder.  An uninvited guest who is making quite the nuisance of itself.  Due to the odor it’s leaving, I’m fairly comfortable in thinking it’s a skunk.  Its taken up residence under my deck, causing my entire house to smell.  I’ve asked for help in evicting it – a friend’s son is a wizard at dealing with such unwanted intrusions by local wildlife.  Hopefully he can come over soon!

We’ve had such a mild winter the skunks have been out and about for most of it.  They aren’t true hibernators.  Instead they sleep intermittently throughout the winter and periodically wake to forage for food.  I guess this skunk decided my deck was the perfect new home!  Given the fact I have sunflower seeds and cat food available I guess I’ve made it too comfortable for him!  I keep hoping the great-horned owls that are around will eat him.  Owls are pretty much the only predator a skunk has.

If you’ve have skunks, how have you gotten rid of them?

2 thoughts on “Uninvited Guest

  1. Audrey

    What is with skunks and this family? We came down to Littleton for the weekend and walked into a home that most certainly was skunked sometime in the past week! Whew! There was a foot of snow still left and it was only 30 degrees but we had the windows open!

  2. Diana Henry

    Remember when Don and I had the family of skunks living under the patio? We got traps from the city or animal control, I can’t remember, but we put peanut butter on a piece of bread or something and caught them and had the city come and take them away. Of course you may get a few other “uninvited” guests like magpies, squirrels and rabbits! But as I recall it worked. I think Lisa had a family of skunks living in the corner or their backyard once. Ask her how she got rid of them, pretty funny story!

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