Tracks in the Snow

The dogs and I went walking the other day and I found some interesting tracks.  The first photo is of Luca’s footprints. As a Samoyed he has a big foot for running in the snow!  You can clearly see his nails (which need to be clipped!) – that’s what distinguishes a dog track from a cat track.

Next I saw a Mule Deer track. We have a resident herd of deer in the city so their tracks are everywhere.  Notice the 2 indentations behind the hoof  – these are the impressions from the dewclaws which usually only show up when the ground is soft.

I also saw this peculiar track.  The print was formed right in what used to be the top of a large ant pile.  The print isn’t very distinct because the surface was so soft.  The animal that left this print was loping with long strides and could easily outrun a dog or coyote.



This jackrabbit doesn’t even break a sweat when he’s eluding predators.  His long back feet made the print above.

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