The Favorite Season

Fall. It’s my favorite season. We’ve been blessed this year with a gorgeous, prolonged fall. The weather’s been really warm and the colors stunning. We usually get snow before now, but we’ve only had one weekend of rain so far.


The birds are moving through. I’ve seen a lot of birds I don’t normally see except during migration – I’m glad they find something useful in the yard whether it’s bugs to eat or a place to rest.

Every spring I yank emerging sunflower plants out of the garden. Visons of a tidy garden fill my head. As summer continues I get less interested in keeping it neat and orderly and let the new sunflowers grow. Then come fall I’m always glad I did because so many birds enjoy the seeds. It doesn’t look great, but I doubt the birds care. Pine siskins, house finches, goldfinches and chickadees spend a lot of time in these sunflower thickets.




It’s hard to believe all the warblers and other insect eaters are well on their way south, across the Gulf Of Mexico. I still don’t see how they do it.

What’s going on in your neighborhood this fall?

One thought on “The Favorite Season

  1. Hi Leslie-I love the pics and pretty fall colors. Summer is still hanging on here in Texas. There is a tad of color, but lots of green. Rain has eluded us for the past few weeks. We had a sprinkle the other day and it felt good. I see lots of hawks and some mockingbirds, starlings, and doves. Ducks, egrets, and an occasional flamingo are the most common birds that I see flying overhead. I love fall and the light it brings-warm and lovely. Wishing you and yours a happy fall 🙂

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