Summer Thoughts

Summer is so busy because it’s so fleeting. There are only a few weekends for camping, hiking, or hanging out at the lake before the winds of winter strike. 

There’s a lot about summer that we miss because we’re not paying attention in our busyness.

In July did you notice all the baby birds? You have to watch closely to tell they are babies because they look almost like adults. But they’re thinner,  lighter and sometimes scruffy with pin feathers sticking up here and there. The best clue to their age is their flying ability or lack of. Their take offs, and especially their landings, are awkward – wings flaring, feet stretched wide searching for a perch,  the safety of a branch or the ground. There’s a lot of tumbling and stumbling just like human babies learning to run. 

Baby magpie with a short tail and a few remaining baby feathers

Did you observe that the wild grasses finished growing a month ago and quickly went to seed? Seeds that catch the early morning sunlight and reflect gold as they become food for birds, mice, and voles and are the promise of another year’s growth.

Did you miss the inter-species warfare at the anthill? Large black ants came and anhilated much of the smaller red ant colony. If you bent down and studied the ant hill you’d seen mangled bodies strewn across the small scene. Black and red ants  – some still in the throws of death. 

Now the Summer of 2016 is gone, only to be played out again in memories. 

Fall is now the season is the moment. But it’s even shorter than summer. 

Try not to miss it. 

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