Spring Struggles

Although people generally get excited about the coming of spring, it can be a tough time for wildlife.

Searching for seeds

Searching for seeds

Large herbivores have lots of wet, heavy snow to deal with.  Patches of ground are becoming visible which makes finding dried grass or forbes easier, but it’s still hard to find anything with an ounce of nutrition in it.

Even when the ground is free of snow there may not be much to eat.

Looking for groceries

Looking for groceries

Birds and small mammals have exhausted the supply of seeds, berries and nuts in their locale.  One issue migrating birds face is moving north too early.  They can arrive on their nesting grounds before there are any insects to eat.

Hibernating species come out of their dens looking for food NOW.  Heavy late spring snows can put these animals out on the proverbial limb for survival.

Where's the food?

Where’s the food?

If you’ve been feeding birds and wildlife all winter, don’t slack off  on your efforts just because warmer weather is here.  What you provide might just mean life or death for an animal.

Activity:  Record what food sources are available in your area for wildlife.  Be creative here because you’d be surprised what animals actually do find to eat this time of year.  Include anything you put out such as bird seed, peanuts, nuts or corn.  Determine which animals make take advantage of these food sources.  Talk about whether these natural and man-made resources are enough to keep wildlife alive until summer.


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