Spring is Coming (maybe?)

It’s been a long, snowy, cold winter in most parts of the US.  Some folks have even gotten to experience their first real cold and snow and spring seems a long way off.

Wyoming has seen extra snow and bitter cold temperatures.  My yard is currently half snow pile, half pond after temps have warmed enough to start melting the last 14″ of snow we received.

But take heart winter weary friends!  The grass is green and frogs are croaking – at least in western Oregon!  Click if you want to hear them.  http://youtu.be/lvmOvjwCZR0

A great place for frogs!

A great place for frogs!


3 thoughts on “Spring is Coming (maybe?)

  1. Betsy Holter

    We have at least four feet of snow in the yard it has been snowing all week and Vail Pass closes down at least every other day for one reason or another, but the robins have arrived and two days ago I heard a black-capped chickadee do the first spring call of the year. What a nice sound!

    • Betsy – Chickadees are really one of my favorites! With 4′ of snow it’ll take y’all awhile to see green grass. But that’s been good for the ski areas and for the reservoirs this summer. I think we’re well set on snowpack for the year too, thank goodness. Are you doing any writing?

      • Betsy Holter

        Skiing has been great, both downhill and Nordic. Just writing medical stuff – neck pain, genetics in medicine, low back pain, etc. Not very creative, but making it understandable within a limited number of words is satisfying.

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