Waiting for Spring

So with slush threatening to take over the town, let’s talk about spring.  Spring in Wyoming generally means snow and cold and rain and wind.  But there are snippets of warmth and green that make it all worthwhile.

You know it’s spring when you get all excited to find the first hints of green.



Then we get flowers.  Unless you have tulips.  The deer get the tulips.

Lilacs - beautiful blossoms and scent

Lilacs – beautiful blossoms and scent

At least deer don’t care much for lilacs.

Spring can be fleeting.  Just as the crabapples are ready to bloom we’ll get a heavy snow. Or wind.  But some years their display is absolutely stunning.  Thankfully there are a lot of crabapple trees in town.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of that!

But I do have a photo of my favorite spring flower, Johnny Jump Ups!  I love how they spring up in places you never intended.

Love these bright faces!

Love these bright faces!

Spring has to come.  Sometimes it’s just a little slow in arriving.



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