I woke up to rain this morning. On the 29th day of December it was raining! This is pretty strange weather for us. We had chinook winds for most of the week, raising the temperature from the 20’s to the 40’s and 50’s during the day. That was enough to melt most of our remaining snow, but the rain last night did away with the last little bits. 

A chinook is a warm wind. As moisture laden air rises over the mountain ranges, it drops its load of precipitation. The drier air warms as it tops the mountains and continues warming as it thunders down the eastern slopes, resulting in what’s known as a chinook.

We don’t always get chinooks – often our winds are just bitterly cold, making for below zero wind chills instead of balmy snow melters!

Activity:  Use windsocks or flagging to determine the direction of wind.  You can make graphs and charts showing how the wind changes directions depending upon the time of day, etc.  You can also make homemade anemomters to measure wind speed.  Here’s a website that has great weather related activities:  www.weatherwizkids.com

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