I’m back!

My computer got fried during an electrical outage (caused by a raccoon) and I’ve finally got everything downloaded onto my new computer.  Here’s the “rest of the story” concerning the skunk problem.

My skunk expert brought out two traps and after two nights with no success he moved the traps.  On the third night he finally got one female skunk and said my problem was solved, took his traps and left.

skunk trap

Quite the homey place!

My only problem was it snowed a few days later and I had skunk tracks everywhere.  Now my first effort of skunk removal cost me $50 and I wasn’t willing to pay any more.  So this time I called my neighbor who informed me he’s the neighborhood “Skunk Man.”  Who knew?  He came up every night about 10 pm for two weeks and ended up taking nine (Yes 9!!!) more skunks out from under my deck!  I had an entire tribe under there and let me tell you they were very smelly.  Yuck.

skunk tracks

Skunk highway

So finally I feel skunk free.  My neighbor said he would come back any time I need – probably not until next winter.  I hope to spend the summer figuring out how to make my deck skunk proof.

Now you know the rest of the story!!

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  1. Glad to see you back up! And doubly glad the skunks have relocated! Check my blog out for my latest wildlife experience. Not a very good picture but it was all he would sit still for! I should have you tell me what his tracks look like.

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