Fall Comes to Yellowstone

Fall colors in the late afternoon

I took a quick late afternoon trip to Yellowstone this past weekend.  I drove up from Fishing Bridge to Hayden Valley to see what I could see.  Yellowstone doesn’t have an over abundance of aspen, but the undergrowth and cottonwoods had taken on their fall splendor.  It’s still bison mating season, although it’s coming to a close.  A group of bison were milling about the Nez Perce Ford picnic area with one bull snuffling, snorting, bellowing, and huffing at his harem.  There was a lot of charging at younger bulls and carrying on.  The cows were unimpressed with all this activity and noise.  A coyote slipped along the river’s edge while the bison were otherwise engaged.  Small bands of elk made their way down the slopes to the river as night was coming on.  Big bulls were busy keeping their cows grouped together, and bugling their superiority to other bulls.  There’s nothing quite as magical as sitting in the dark, next to a softly rippling river listening to elk bugle.

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