Baby Mice

So I know I said I’d provide some information on birding field guides in my next post, but I didn’t anticipate getting a chance to show you my latest wildlife encounter.

I decided to clean out the shed yesterday, or at least make a path so I could get inside.  When I moved my large, 25 pound sack of sunflower seeds I heard a rustling.  It was a familiar rustling – I hear it all the time in the garage, the dog food container, the house sometimes and even in the walls in the winter.  Mice.  I unrolled the top, noticing the chewed holes through the sack, and saw a mama and 6 babies scurrying frantically around on top of the sunflower seeds.  Actually the mama was scurrying and taking three nursing babies with her.  Two babies immediately begin climbing out of the bag.  All the youngsters still had their eyes closed which means they were only about two weeks old.  None of the other babies were strong enough to climb out on their own.  They had a little ride in a coffee can.  They were very cute, but I really don’t need anymore mice around the place.  I didn’t stop the course of nature when my cat showed up after hearing all the squeaking.

baby mice

The two mighty mice babies.

baby mice

Almost out!

baby mice

Too tiny!



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