And all at once it was Spring

I had to go out of town unexpectedly the first of March. When I left, Winter had this area firmly in hand. Fierce winds made the temperatures even colder and snow lay deep in yards. When I returned it felt like Winter had let itself out and Spring was sliding in through the back door.

Unlike other parts of the country, Spring in Wyoming is not about warm temperatures and flowers blooming. Instead it’s more a feeling, an expectancy.

The most reliable indicator of the change in seasons are the birds. The first red-winged blackbird was staking out his territory and singing on February 28. Mountain bluebirds showed up suddenly on the 11th. Every day brings the return of summer visitors – sandhill cranes, killdeer, California Gulls, and our beloved western medaowlark.

Today the first crocus opened to greet the day. Spring is definitely here.

2 thoughts on “And all at once it was Spring

  1. chardixon47

    Beautiful đŸ™‚ Thank you, Leslie, for sharing your part of the world today. It was refreshing to see such sights and read about your Spring. We never had a winter here. It’s going to be around 80 degrees today-LOL The birds are twittering, tho, and they are on the move to mate and nest. I’ve seen spiders skittering across the patio and I expect to see my resident toad any day now. Spring is my favorite time of the year. Enjoy the lusciousness of your splendid mountains <3

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