A Christmas Story!

The Perfect Christmas Tree

The woodland animals loved the Choosing.  That’s when they’d search for the perfect Christmas tree.  They would take it to the big clearing and decorate it with everything precious to the woodland animals.

The mice tossed seeds to rest between the needles.

The squirrels threaded ribbon to hang acorn tops.

The foxes and owls wanted to tie mice from their tails to the tree.  Instead they chose bits of their own fur and feathers as decorations.  The tree was the centerpiece of Christmas.

And every year Old Spruce hoped it would be his turn.  He’d lived in the forest many years.

His branches were gnarled and knobby.

His bark was dark where the fire singed it.

He knew he wasn’t perfect. But every Christmas he wished this would be his year.

This year the spruce again hoped.  Then it began to snow.  “A beautiful Christmas snow!  Wonderful!” he thought.  But the flakes kept coming, forming deep piles of snow.

It was time for the Choosing, and the spruce waited.  The snow continued.  Then the wind came, howling and tearing until the quiet forest was transformed into chaos.  There would be no Choosing this year.

The wind was so strong it started pushing Old Spruce, tipping him further until his roots tore out of the ground.

The tree crashed down.

The wind stopped.

Its work was done.

Old Spruce lay quietly. Then he knew what to do.  Pushing off the ground with his branches, he headed toward the clearing.  When he reached it he twisted right, then left, anchoring his roots deep into the snow.

A bright sun greeted the woodland animals the next morning.  Their eyes were so dazzled by twinkling snow diamonds that they didn’t see Old Spruce at first.

Soon a great cheer erupted.  “A Christmas Tree!” and the animals scurried off.  There was a tree to decorate!

Old Spruce mumbled a deep, contented sigh.  He stretched his roots down, down, down.

There were no more Choosing’s after that year.  The woodland animals already had their perfect Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas to all!


A Christmas Story!

34 thoughts on “A Christmas Story!

  1. It’s great that Old Spruce finally got his turn. And I like that the animals decorated the tree with what was important to them, although I’m glad that the mice didn’t get hung by their tails.

  2. I like how the animals decorate a forest Christmas tree and spruce got his wish! I like the humor in the foxes and owls.

  3. I love that Old Spruce’s dream came true and will continue on for the rest of his days. Very nice story. The foxes and owls wanting to tie the mice from their tails to the tree made me smile.

    • Alayne, I’m not sure that tying the mice onto the tree was terribly appropriate for children, but I knew the adults would laugh. I can really can picture a fox doing that! Thanks for reading.

  4. Johnell

    So touching. And a complete arc in so few words. Impressive.

  5. That was cool reading a story from the tree’s point of view! I’m glad he got recognized as the perfect Christmas tree 🙂

    • Ariel, I love trees, especially in winter. Always root for the underdog, or undertree as the case may be!

  6. Leslie, the tale of Old Spruce is tender. He is a strong fellow. Nice bits of humor and the gorgeous photos really set off the story. This reminds me of THE GIVING TREE only for the woodland animals. Good job, GROGer.

    • I think trees are pretty determined in order to grow in some of the places they do. Thanks for reading.

  7. Love how Old Spruce took it upon himself to become Chosen. The images of the woodland in the winter were wonderful.

  8. What a lovely story, Leslie, with such beautiful description! Love that it’s from the tree’s POV. You had me so worried when Old Spruce went down… I was afraid his chance had passed him by! I love that he found his own way to the clearing and became the chosen one from that day onward – what a nice ending for a deserving tree. Thanks so much for joining in the holiday fun!

  9. After getting over my initial shock thinking you were doing Divergent meets woodland animals, I fell right in love with the plight of your old spruce and how he saves Christmas.

  10. Wonderful story, Leslie…it reminds me a bit of The Little Fir Tree who never got picked.
    Christmas is a magical time and there was definitely some magic afoot in the forest that day. 😉 I’m so glad the forest creatures got their tree for Christmas.

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